Wednesday, 19 Jan 2022


Public Policy Research and Advocacy
The agency is dedicated to ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic through sound national and state public policy. Through working with federal and state elected and appointed government officials, Florida AIDS Action helps to shape the course of government’s response to HIV/AIDS and health care issues in general. This includes protecting the human rights of all persons and advocating for public funding to address disease prevention, health care, social services, and research. This goal is accomplished through public policy research and analysis; and collaborations with consumer groups, government agencies, industry, community service agencies, communities of faith, universities, national AIDS organizations, and other disability advocacy groups. As a regional and national leader in public policy, Florida AIDS Action sponsors and participates in advocacy activities at the national and state levels of government through a network of concerned volunteers, staff, and associated organizations.

Florida AIDS Action provides education throughout the region. Educational activities include consumer education, technical assistance to community service agencies and planning bodies, treatment education, and mentoring. The purposes of the education program include raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and general health care issues; providing specific information and treatment updates; skills building; and advocacy training. Education is provided for small groups and organizations as well as in conference settings. In recent years the agency has hosted educational meetings such as a Women’s Health Summit and consumer training sessions.

Community Planning
Community planning is essential to the success of positive health outcomes. Florida AIDS Action participates in community planning in several ways. In Florida, the agency assists in coordinating statewide planning through the Florida HIV/AIDS Community Planning Group, which advises state government. Similarly, active participation occurs with other statewide advisory bodies. Training on issues of community mobilization and organizing is offered throughout the region. These efforts unify communities in their work toward addressing HIV/AIDS and related issues at the local level. At the national level, Florida AIDS Action advocates for appropriate revisions to various community planning guidance documents provided by the federal government.